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2023 Fall

High Speed Research Network

The High Speed Research Network (HSRN) is NYU’s cutting-edge, high-throughput computer network managed by NYU IT - Research Technology Services. The HSRN operates independently from NYU’s enterprise network (NYU-NET) and is purpose-built to meet the escalating needs of research workflows for flexibility, low latency, and dedicated large bandwidth. The HSRN team provides additional services to help researchers utilize the full potential of the network, including a Kubernetes and Ceph cluster, Corelink (our advanced low latency networking application), and direct consultations with research labs throughout NYU. We enable NYU researchers to harness experiments and applications that utilize data efficiently in domains such as AR/VR, Robotics, Genomics, Chemistry, Social Media and Digital Humanities, Autonomous Systems, Smart Cities, Big Data Processing, Real Time Data Analysis, Machine Learning & AI, Quantitative Analysis (with HPC), and more.


Our VIP is a student-led group of exceptional and cross-disciplinary students focused on creating high-quality deliverables and projects ranging from:

  • Consultation-style collaborations with labs to innovate their workflows via HSRN and associated Infrastructure
  • Development and projects relating to the actual operation of the HSRN itself
  • Conducting and publishing research relating to communication networks, systems performance, or IT operations
  • Providing resources and increasing literacy around Research Technology in the broader NYU community

Each student will be assigned to a team of 3-5 students with a mentor from HSRN research group. Students’ work will be tracked via milestones and issues, and they will do weekly standup meetings with their team. Students will present their work on our VIP demo day. By the end of the semester, students will have gained experience by working on real world software and IT projects that impact NYU.

Check out our demos from previous years: 2023 Spring, 2023 Fall.

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